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Sabzeh available for your Norooz hafsin/spread or to spruce up your home for Spring.  


Welcome the arrival of Spring and Norooz (Persian New Year) with Sabzeh. 

It is one of the seven traditional items included in a Haft-Sin tablescape .

A decorative table, the Haft-Sin, is the main focal point of Norooz and it remains set up for the 13 days of the celebration.


It is created on a special cloth (sofreh) and includes seven traditional items, each beginning with the Persian letter sin ("S") .


Sabzeh (سبزه): wheat, barley or lentil in a dish, symbolizing rebirth

Sonbol (سنبل): Hyacinth: the symbol of spring's arrival

Senjed (سنجد): the dried fruit of the oleaster tree, symbolizing love

Seer (سیر): garlic, symbolizing medicine and for protection against illness

Seeb (سیب): apples, symbolizing beauty and health

Somaq (سماق): sumac berries, symbolizing (the color of) sunrise, a new dawn

Serkeh (سرکه): vinegar, symbolizing age and patience


Pre-order Sabzeh for pick up at (2) different locations & dates 
7" or 10"  inch diameter plastic plate, made with wheatgrass and or lentils , with ribbon.


  • On the checkout page under the category for Delivery Method it will default to pick up at Norooz Market (Brookland).  If you'd like to pick up Sun or Mon at Petal DC in Columbia Heights select "EDIT" next to "Delivery Method" on Check out page and select Petal DC HQ (Columbia Heights)

    * Available for pick up on *

    Saturday 03/16/24 : Brookland Arts Walk - Norooz Market at the Petal DC table from 3pm - 7pm.

    Address: 716 Monroe Street NE Washington DC

    Sunday 03/17/24 or Monday 3/18/24 - Petal DC @ Kenyon Square 

    Address: 1390 Kenyon St. NW, Washington DC 20010

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